Each week we put together a load of helpful information about what’s going on in the church. Prayer pointers, service info, and of course, loads of events. We call these the ‘notices’, and you can find the latest ones below!
Weekly Bulletin Sunday 28th November1.8 MiBNovember 26, 2021
Methodist Worship Sunday 28th November293.5 KiBNovember 26, 2021
Penrith Plan24.8 KiBNovember 25, 2021
Circuit Admin Manager Advert128.3 KiBNovember 19, 2021
Weekly Bulletin Sunday 21st November885.0 KiBNovember 19, 2021
Methodist Worship Sunday 21st November227.6 KiBNovember 19, 2021
Weekly Bulletin Sunday 14th November634.5 KiBNovember 12, 2021
Methodist Worship Sunday 14th November221.7 KiBNovember 12, 2021
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