Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31

So you've been to a service, or come along to one of our groups, and now you're wanting to put down some roots. Luckily, there's a whole bunch of stuff going on during the week for you to sink your teeth into. Whatever it is your looking for, there's likely to be something going on. Here are just some highlights:


  • Craft Group

    The Craft Group meet each Tuesday at 1.30 pm. At the moment we have ladies who knit, embroider, do tapestry work and make cards with the profit going to The Bridge.

  • Bowls

    The bowls group meet on a Tuesday night after Junior Youth Club in the Sandgate Room. We are a small group who enjoy a good laugh and fellowship, although it can sometimes get competitive as we play.

  • Women’s Fellowship

    We meet on Wednesdays at 2pm from October to Easter. We need new enthusiastic younger people to help the group carry on into the future. The aim has always been to worship the Lord and have love for and fellowship with each other.

  • 3M’s

    The meeting is open to all men of any age, whether church members or not, and all can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome, enjoy a time of good fellowship, chat and a cuppa ,plus a good and varied programme with a variety of speakers.

  • Monday Morning Walks

    Throughout the year, every Monday morning, come wind, sun or rain, we meet at the Church where lifts are arranged, ready to depart by 9.30am. The walks are varied, usually up to 4 miles in length and can be anywhere, usually within half an hours drive from the Church. Bring a drink, snack and wear suitable footwear and clothing.

  • Summer Evening Walks

    Running Tuesday evenings from May until August, we meet at 6.30pm at PMC, to share cars to the starting point. Most walks are 3-4 miles around the Eden Valley area, and there is a small donation of £2.50 which goes towards our chosen charity.


  • Worship Group

    Our Monday night practices highlight the fellowship, friendships, support, food (of course!) & music which bring together this motley crew who try to offer the best they can to enhance worship within the church.

  • Choral Group

    We are a group who enjoy singing together each week for about an hour. The nature of singing in harmony – soprano, alto, tenor, bass – brings us together in music and fellowship.
    We aim to enrich services where we sing as part of the worship, choosing music alongside the preacher’s theme where possible.

  • Prayer and Praise / Movement In Worship

    The Dance Group meets 2nd, 3rd, 4th (and 5th) Tuesdays in church for Prayer & Praise. These are open meetings from 2.00 – 2.45 pm.
    Prayer & Praise may be structured, eg: reading, praise (dance/reflection) & prayer, or may take the form of a practice if we’ve been asked to take part in a service or event.
    Prayer Refresh, 1st Tuesdays, are quieter, with readings, reflections and music.


Small groups are great. They allow us to take some of the stuff we absorb on Sundays and really unpack it with a group of like-minded people. Also, there’s usually food.
The only slight problem is, PMC has so many, I don’t think anybody knows about all of them. So, here’s a few, but if you’re looking for one, maybe try this: go up to somebody you like at church. Ask them if they are in a housegroup. If they say yes – join them! If they say no, you now have a partner to look with. Rinse and repeat.

  • Fellside

    Fellside is an ecumenical, housegroup, made up of people of a variety of ages and interests. We meet once a fortnight on a Wednesday night, at 8pm. Alternating between homes at Culgaith and Langwathby.

  • Hulme

    We meet weekly every Wednesday at 8pm during term time for coffee, cakes & chat, leading into bible study, discussion & prayer, with a few diversions along the way!

  • Hodge Lodge

    A bunch of 16(ish) – 25(ish) year olds getting together every Wednesday. Sometimes we explore a series, sometimes we discuss ideas and issues that have sprung up through the week, and sometimes we’ll just eat biscuits.

  • Omega

    We are a bible study based mature group of men and women meeting in each others homes on Tuesday each week to deepen our faith and offer mutual support through laughter and tears. Our meetings include a time of worship and intercession prayer.

  • Ubuntu

    Ubuntu is an ecumenical house group meeting on the first Wednesday of each month – with occasional variations when circumstances require it. We have been looking at the Gospel of John, with different members introducing passages they find particularly significant or challenging, and this has led to some searching reflections.

  • Logos

    We meet on Tuesday evenings in each other’s homes commencing at 7.30 pm. We are a friendly bunch from mixed backgrounds and experiences. Once everyone is assembled the evening begins with a time of worship in song and prayer. This is followed by a time of discussion, conversation, learning, study or whatever you would like to call it. Some say a lot others say little and listen – we don’t mind.

  • Parklands

    We meet in each other’s houses on alternate Thursdays. This year we have been reading and discussing Justin Welby’s Lenten book ‘Dethroning Mammon’. After the study we have a time of prayer – and then a drink followed by chat.

  • St Kilda

    The group continues to meet on Thursday morning. Bible study, prayer, praise and fellowship are the driving force of our gatherings, with birthdays and other celebrations providing very good reasons for meals out and in!

  • Thornton

    The Thornton house group continues to meet faithfully on a Thursday evening. Although we are small in number, we provide a valued sanctuary for one another in our busy lives, and particularly excel in listening to one another over a cup of tea and praying together.

  • Blencow HG

    The previously-named “Graham Street” Housegroup is now held alternate Thursdays at 8pm in Blencow! We take it in turns to lead the group. We have very open and wide-ranging discussions on the issues raised by our studies. We also have social events once a term, usually along the lines of a bring and share supper.

  • United Bible Fellowship

    The group was born out of ‘Mission England’ (mid 1980’s) as a nurture group of new converts of all denominations in Penrith lead by Melville & Mary Harris. When the six week course came to end the group stayed together. Now we are a group of about nine from different churches. Our aim is to encourage one another in faith by worship, Bible study, making use of modern technology and individual testimony with the understanding we are not all at the same place in our journey of faith.

For info on any of our groups, including times and place of housegroups, please check the notices (Weekly Info) or contact the church office.