Each week we put together a load of helpful information about what’s going on in the church. Prayer pointers, service info, and of course, loads of events. We call these the ‘notices’, and you can find the latest ones below!
Weekly Bulletin 19th July453.5 KiBJuly 17, 2020
Methodist Worship 19th July223.3 KiBJuly 17, 2020
Vine At Home 19 July 2020304.0 KiBJuly 17, 2020
Weekly Bulletin 12th July284.9 KiBJuly 10, 2020
Methodist Worship 12th July 2020241.4 KiBJuly 10, 2020
Vine-at-Home-12-July-2020389.7 KiBJuly 10, 2020
Penrith Methodist Church Health And Safety Policy July 2020471.0 KiBJuly 9, 2020
Weekly Bulletin 5th July460.0 KiBJuly 3, 2020