Soul Survivor 2019

August 23, 2019

What is Soul Survivor?
Soul Survivor is a festival for young people.
The festival is about meeting with God and there are so many ways to do this – through speaking and listening, through music and singing, through sports, skating, films, camping, mud, rain , sun, praying, laughing, crying… And more!
We’ve seen it change people’s lives for the good!
We’re going to Week C in 2019, down in Peterborough.
You should join us…
Find out more by visiting:

Week B & C

Want to join us?
We will take any young person Y7+. They will be looked after by youth workers and volunteers from Penrith Methodist and other Eden Valley  Churches. All leaders are trained, have experience in youth work and are approved by our Child Protection policy.

1. Book online:
2. Complete an online Eventbrite consent form –
3. Pay us for food and travel

Total Cost?

The sooner you book and pay online the cheaper it is!

Pay Soul Survivor online:
By 31.01.19: £102 + 55 = £157
By 01.05.19: £112 +55 = £167
By 21.07.19: £123 + 55 = £178

Pay Penrith Methodist Church (cash or cheque) for travel and food by 21.7.19: £55

Online Booking:
1. Go to:
2. Select: Soul Survivor Week C 2019
3. Register or log in
4. Get started
5. When asked, choose to join the group Penrith Methodist Church
6. When asked about tents choose “Someone else has booked tents”