Penrith Methodist Church

Introducing people to Jesus

WEEKLY DIARY                                             

Monday 28th May

9.30am   Monday Walk – Meet at PMC

6.30pm   NO Choral Group 

7.30pm   NO Worship Group

Tuesday 29th May

10am      Service – Church

2pm        Prayer & Praise - Church

6.30pm    Prayer Time – Crush Hall

6.30pm    Summer Evening Walk – Meet at PMC

6.45pm    NO Kids Alive

7pm        Omega HG – Thacka Crest, Thacka Lane

7.30pm    NO Logos HG – Next meeting in September

7.30pm    NO Junior Youth Club

Wednesday 30th May

7.30am    Wednesday Morning Prayer Meeting – 18 Brent Road

9.30am    Prayer Time – All welcome – Meet at PMC

4pm        NO Sanctuary Café

7.30pm    CAP Money Course – Bridge

7.30pm    United HG – 20 Barco Avenue

8pm         Lighthouse Group – (For venue contact: 07857 545147) Coffee from                                                                                                                                            7.30pm

Thursday 31st May

10.30am   NO St Kilda HG 

1.30pm     NO Twinkly Tots

6pm         Ministers Drop In – Upper Link

7.30pm     Local Preachers Meeting – Beacon

8pm         Blencow HG – The Hollies, Blencow. CA11 0DG (07711 088448)

Friday 1st June

7.30am      Friday Blessings – Contact Byron Hadley (867374)

10.30am    NO Tiddlywinks 

12 noon     Lunch Club – Ullswater

7.30pm      NO Senior Youth Club 

Saturday 2nd June

12 noon – 5.30pm   Saturday Café – Bridge

Sunday 3rd June 

9am         Morning Worship with Communion – Rev. David Milner

10.45am   Morning Worship – Rev. David Milner

6.30pm     Evening Worship – Mrs Lois Morton