Penrith Methodist Church

Introducing people to Jesus

Other groups 

Craft Club Tuesday, 1.30pm – 3.30pm.  Meet at The Bridge for crafts, fun & fellowship. Contact Here

Luncheon Club - Friday, 12noon - 1pm (during school terms), Hall. Lunch for anyone who is lonely or alone. (Transport is available if needed). Contact Here

Methodist Men's Meeting (3M's) - Friday, 7.30pm, (Sept - March), Upper Room. Our aim is to promote fellowship and friendship among male church members and adherents, by organising weekly meetings of devotional and varied interest. Contact Here

Monday Morning Walks - Monday mornings, meet PMC at 9.30am.  Bring boots/walking shoes, waterproofs, a drink & snack.

Summer Walks – Tuesday evenings, meet PMC at 6.30pm. Bring boots/walking shoes and waterproofs.  Distance: 3-4 miles. Contact Here

Supper Club - A chance to meet with other members of the church. Each month groups of 3 share a meal together. It has been said the focus is often the food! Especially puddings! But in sharing a meal together we are getting to know others in our congregation and building friendships that otherwise wouldn’t have developed. Contact Here

Twinkly Tots - Thursday, 1.30pm - 3.30pm, (during School terms). Held in the Church Hall.  Contact Here

Tiddlywinks - Friday 10.30am - 1.30pm (term time) Contact Here

Women's Fellowship - Wednesday, 2pm (Oct - March), PMC. We have a varied programme of speakers, slide shows, musical afternoons & services.  We have an annual outing during the summer. A warm welcome to all ladies to join us. Contact Here