Penrith Methodist Church

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Conference Catering

If you are conferencing with us at Penrith Methodist Church we are also able to provide for your catering needs by arrangement. Whether you want a basic lunch or a full meal, our in-house caterers (Loaves and Fishes) can provide a menu to suit all diets.


Tea and coffee ~ £1.20 per person, per serving 

Tea, coffee & biscuit ~ £1.45 per person, per serving

Freshly brewed coffee, tea, orange juice and biscuit ~ £2 per person, per serving

Tea, coffee, juice & traybakes ~ £2.75 per person, per serving

Afternoon tea: Tea, coffee, juice & strawberry cream scone ~ £3.25 per person, per serving

Menu Selections

Menu 1 ~ £1.90 per person

A selection of sandwiches on white & whole meal bread with a variety of fillings 

Menu 2 ~ £2.20 per person

A selection of white & brown rolls with a variety of fillings & salad

Menu 3 ~ £2.90 per person

A selection of baguettes with fillings to include: Chicken Tikka, Tuna & Sweetcorn, Bacon Lettuce & Tomato, Cheese Savoury, Egg & Tomato

Menu 4 ~ £2 per person

Homemade soup and roll

Menu 5A ~ £3.50 

Jacket Potato with Cheese & Coleslaw and side salad 

Menu 5B ~ £3.95 

Jacket Potato with Tuna Mayonnaise and side salad 

Menu 6 ~ £4.95 per person

Buffet Lunch ~ a selection of sandwiches, two savoury pastries, crisps, traybakes & fruit bowl

Menu 7 ~ £5.95 per person

Carvery Buffet ~ Slice of ham, portion of quiche, green salad, potato salad & coleslaw, fruit bowl

Menu 8 ~ £4.95 per person

Soup, sandwich, cake and fruit

Additional Extras

Selections of Indian snacks with dip ~ £1 per person

Selections of nachos with salsa dip ~ 75p per person

Scone with jam & cream ~ £1.95 per person

Tray bakes ~ 80p per person

Sponge cake ~ 80p per person

Fruit bowl ~ 75p per person

Crisps ~ 60p per person

Fruit platter (melon, grapes and mandarins) ~ £1 per person